Terry Winters Location Plan

Terry Winters
Location Plan

26 x 41 inches
Edition of 100

Donated by GCS parent Miyoung Lee

Est. Value: $3,000 

Location Plan is related to a series of drawings exhibited at the Kunsthalle Basel (2000). Inspired by advanced imaging technologies from information mapping systems to spatial renderings, the drawings explore a dialogue between order and disorder. In the print, Winters combines thirty unique images in a grid or storyboard which seem to serve as a key to his current investigations. Moving from one image to the next, through ever-shifting relationships, a sense of flux develops suggesting weather patterns, emotional states, urban dynamics. A similar configuration of these drawn images was used in a 30 by 60 foot backdrop in collaboration with choreographer Trisha Brown and composer Dave Douglas. Location Plan can be found in the collections of the Addison Gallery, Andover; Colby College Museum, Waterville; Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; Museum of Modern Art, NYC; New York Public Library, NYC; University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor; and the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery, Nashville.

Winters is represented by Matthew Marks Gallery in New York, "Location Plan" was published by I.C. Editions, Inc/Susan Inglett Gallery in New York.