Allison Miller (Winter x Spring)

Allison Miller
(Winter x Spring)

Acrylic and oil on canvas
29 1/4 x 25 3/4 inches

Donated by the artist and Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC.

Est. Value: $10,000

Encountering a painting by Allison Miller is like having a conversation with someone for the first time. One experiences a series of seductions, dead ends, surprises, bouts of laughter, and witty retorts. She applies oil and acrylic to canvas—and occasionally adds a surprising material like dirt—without preparatory drawings or plans. Working on multiple paintings simultaneously, developed incrementally, she responds to each new layer of paint or applied pattern and its effect on the overall space of the canvas. She favors garish color, riddling pattern, and bold and effacing forms, resulting in visually seductive paintings that seem to continually unfold and collapse, offering numerous possibilities within a space between abstraction and representation. Miller has shown extensively both in the U.S. and now Europe. The work has been seen most recently in the Hammer Biennial, Los Angeles, “Painting in Place” curated by Shamim Momin for LAND; and the Bregenzer Kunstverein, Austria. The work has also been exhibited at the Orange County Museum of Art; the Art Gallery of Calgary Canada; Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills; and the Las Vegas Museum of Art.

Allison Miller is represented by Susan Inglett Gallery in New York.